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Our History

Our Journey: Redefining Excellence in Construction

At D&S Contractors, Inc., we're not Just builders; we're innovators. Our commitment Is to deliver more than structures; we craft experiences that surpass our clients' expectations in image, function, quality, budget, and schedule.

Founding Principles: Pioneering a Team Approach 

In 1993, Dave Przygoda, the visionary behind D&S Contractors, embarked on a journey driven by a commitment to revolutionize private development work. In an era demanding a shift toward collaborative building, Przygoda's emphasis on a team approach laid the foundation for what would become D&S Contractors.

Lean Operations, Lasting Impact

With a commitment to lean operations, D&S Contractors curated a team of skilled, dedicated professionals known for their track record of success. Our efficiency at every project phase not only ensures peak performance but also positions us competitively in the market. A hands-on approach to client relations remains our compass, as the D&S management team continues to prioritize the client's best interests.

Thriving in Change: Growth Amidst Challenges

While other construction companies downsized in challenging times, D&S Contractors thrived. Our dedication to lean operations didn't just sustain us; it fueled growth and marked a surge in successfully completed projects.

Strength in People: Building Success One Team at a Time

At D&S Contractors, we believe the strength of a company lies in the quality of its staff and their unwavering dedication. Our commitment is not just to projects but to building a team of professionals with a proven track record. It's our organizational prowess coupled with the strength and dedication of the D&S team that sets us apart in the construction landscape.

Curious to meet the faces driving our success? Head to the "Meet Our Team" section of our website and get to know the individuals shaping the future of D&S Contractors.