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Construction Management

Modern Solutions for Comprehensive Construction Management 

At D&S Contractors, we redefine construction management with a comprehensive approach that seamlessly integrates project management, lime management, and cost management, providing insightful reporting througl1out every phase of your project.

Our Four-Phase Construction Management Process:

  • Planning: Lay the foundation for success with meticulous planning that sets the stage for a smooth project lifecycle.
  • Design: Transform concepts into reality. Our design phase ensures that every detail aligns with your vision and objectives.
  • Construction: From groundbreaking to the finishing touches, our construction phase is marked by precision, efficiency, and quality craftsmanship.
  • Occupancy: Transition seamlessly into the operational phase of your project with our thorough occupancy management.

D&S Expertise at Every Stage

D&S Contractors is your partner at any stage of your project. From conceptual budget estimating to computerized quantity take-off estimating to hard bids, we bring expertise that spans the entire construction lifecycle. 

Specialized Capabilities:

  • Detailed Computerized Scheduling: Our advanced scheduling techniques provide clear manpower curves and monthly cash flow projections.
  • Value at Every Step: In essence, we believe D&S is more than a contractor; we're a valuable asset to any construction project.

Elevate your property with D&S Contractors
Where expertise meets innovation, and your investment is in capable hands.