D&S Contractors, Inc. strives to provide innovative solutions and a well-coordinated, professional service that result in a finished product that meets or exceeds our client’s expectations of image, function, quality, budget and schedule.

Dave Przygoda, Owner of D&S Contractors, began in 1993 with a commitment to servicing private development work where an emphasis on a team approach to building was not only valued, but required in order to meet the demands of the changing industry.  Through Mr. Przygoda’s commitment to lean methods of operations, D&S assembled a staff of highly skilled, dedicated and experience professionals who had a track record of success. Efficiency at every project phase has enabled D&S not only able to provide peak performance, but also result in a highly competitive price.  With a hands on approach to its clients, the D&S management team continues to focus on what is best for the client.  

While other construction companies have downsized during recent times, D&S Contractor’s commitment to lean operations have resulted in growth and an increase in successfully completed projects.

D&S Contractors believes that the strength of any company is the result of the quality of its staff and the dedication required to make each project a success.  D&S is prepared and committed to providing a team of professionals with a resume of completed comparable projects.  In short, it is the organizational system coupled with the strength and dedication of the D&S team that separates D&S Contractors, Inc. from its competitors.